The App that helps you improve your vocal intonation

It listens to you and tells you if you are singing in tune.
Like a mirror for your voice.

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An accurate and realiable app to measure your voice's intonation.

What are the three things that all great singers have in common?
Intonation! Intonation! Intonation!
But how do you know if you are singing in tune or not?
You can use your ears, ask your teacher, your audience, ...
Those are all great ideas, but if you wish to have
an objective, accurate, and realiable way
to measure your voice's intonation,
then this app is here to help!

With this app you can:

  • Know what is your capability to sing in tune today
  • Improve your control over your voice's pitch by means of focused singing exercises
  • Get a detailed analysis of your intonation skills throughout your vocal range
  • Become a better singer with a more accurate intonation

Your personal vocal trainer

It’s been designed to get straight to the point of improving your singing skills by means of self imparted vocal training in the form of simple but focused singing exercises.

Fully customazible singing exercises

Do you want to practice in a specific tonality or focus on a set of intervals hard to get in tune? You can do that, easily! On the Settings page you can choose the type of singing exercise you want to practice, and restrict the tonalities and intervals on those that you need to improve.

A useful tool for every singers

You can benefit from Vocal Coach at any level of singing proficiency, from beginner to experienced singer. Being able to visualize the pitch of your voice while you sing, provides you a lot of information on accuracy and stability.

Available for Android devices

You can instantly download the app and use it on all the modern smartphones and tablets that run the Android operating system, so you can easily use it anywhere at any time.

It tracks your voice's pitch

While you sing, the app listens to your voice and recognizes its pitch. Whatever sound your voice emits, will be tracked on the screen. It's like a magnifying mirror for your voice and, like a mirror, brings to the surface all the imperfections that your voice might have, both in terms of intonation accuracy and intonation stability.
But as usual, clearly exposing the problems is the first necessary step to solve them.

Very accurate pitch analysis

The intonation accuracy is measured with great precision, in terms of cents of semitones. One cents amounts to one hundredth of a semitone, which is small enough to meet the demand of the finest ear.
This means that the app will detect even the slightest deviations from the perfect pitch, to give you the most accurate and reliable measurement of your intonation. In general, a level of 10 cents is considered acceptable when singing.

A comprehensive assessment of your vocal skills

Review your intonation errors for every note in your vocal extension. The app gives you a full view of your performance, marking red and yellow the notes that you need to improve.
This way you always get to know how close or far you are from your goal, and feel more motivated to keep making progress any time you use the app.

Trust your ears, they're your best friends.
Today, you have one more friend to trust:

Vocal Coach!

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How it works

Choose what to practice

First of all you'll need to tell the app what's the extension of your voice. As a rough indication, female voices can go as low as F3 and as high as C6, while male voices are in the range E2 - C5. If in doubt, you can start with C3-C4 if you're female, or C2-C3 if you're male and then refine the extension's upper and lower boundaries as you proceed with the exercises. All the exercises that the app generates for you will include only notes within your vocal range, which is why it's important that you are as precise as possible.
As far as the exercises, you can choose:

  • The tonality (or set of tonalities) chosen from the 12 major tonalities and the 12 minor tonalities available
  • The type of exercise, with the options including: scales, arpeggios, and random notes.
  • The intervals that you wish included in the exercises (this option only applies to the random type of exercise)

For example, you can choose to practice scales of D and G, or intervals of second major and third minor in the tonality of C.

Listen first

When you hit the Start button, the app generates an exercise for you, and plays it with the sound of a piano. Just listen what you are about to sing.

Then, your turn to sing

When the piano has finished playing the exercise, you can start singing the same notes. As soon as you start singing, you'll see the app drawing on the screen a graph that tracks in real time the pitch of your voice. This is done very precisely: your voice is first digitally sampled, then these samples are sliced in blocks each lasting few milliseconds, and finally each block is analyzed in order to discover the fundamental frequency of your voice in that moment. The result is a very accurate (along the frequency dimension) and responsive (along the time dimension) sequence of measurements of your voice's pitch. You will be able to see the smallest variations of your voice that occur while you sing. Ideally, when you are singing in tune, the pitch of your voice, in addition of having an accurate intonation, should also be stable throughout the duration of the note, that is it should not show too wide variations around its average level.

Get an intonation score

At the end of each exercise, for each note in the exrcise, an average intonation error is calculated and showed on the screen next to the notes. The error is expressed in units of cents, and ideally you should strive to go as low as 10 cents of average errors.

Repetition makes you perfect

Should your score not be good enough, you can repeatedly practice over the same exercise until you are able to sing it better. To do this, just tap on the Repeat button. Otherwise, move to the next exercise by tapping on the Next button. To discard an exercise so that it won't be computed in your overall score, tap on the Stop button before the completion of the exercise.

Review your overall performance

Being aware of your vocal skills today is the first step to make them better tomorrow. This is what you'll be able to do when you tap on the Performance button. A new page will show you the average intonation errors you made throughout the current singing session. Here, the averages are computed over any repetition of the same note in all the exercises that you have sung in the session, so as to give you an overall, more reliable assessment. Each note that was sung at least once in the session, shows this error overlaid on a virtual piano keyboard. Their color will immediately tell you what are the notes that you need to improve.

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