• Learn To Sing

    If you sing in tune, the notes become green.

What this app is about

This app works on all Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, and it's been designed to help singers improve their vocal skills. The focus of the app is on correct voice intonation, which is the capability to sing in tune all the notes in your vocal range. By very precisely measuring your voice's intonation, you will learn to better control the pitch of your voice when you sing.

Measuring your voice's pitch

Any time you sing a note, the app automatically recognizes the pitch of your voice and tells you if you are singing too low or too high relative to the perfect pitch.
For example, suppose you are singing a D4, which has a pitch of 293.66 Hz. Of course, chances are that you are singing slightly off that pitch, either high or low. For example, at one instant, your voice’s pitch is 297.93 Hz. This frequency happens to be at one quarter of a semitone from the correct D4, or 25 cents above D4. This intonation error will be measured and showed on the screen in two ways, and simultaneously. The gauge will indicate the intonation error in terms of cents, while in the pentagram, the note that you are singing will turn red, yellow, or green, to provide you with an immediate visual clue of the accuracy of your instant intonation. To make things clearer, there will also be a little arrow, placed above or below that note, to indicate what you are supposed to do: lower your pitch, in case of a downward-pointing arrow, or raising your pitch, in case of an upward-pointing arrow.

Types of singing exercises

Your choice of exercises includes scales, arpeggios, and randomly selected notes. For either of them, you can select the tonality or set of tonalities, and, in case you select the random type, you can further impose that all the notes form only intervals of your choice. In this way you can, for example, practice singing intervals of, say, major second major, or perfect fourth only.

Hear the correct pitch

At the beginning of each exercise you will hear the notes played by a piano. At the end of the first play, you can then sing the exercise. Every note of the exercise can be played again any time you want, by pressing the corresponding button above and below the pentagram.

A comprehensive assessment of your vocal skills

On the Performance page you can review your intonation errors for every note in your vocal extension. It gives you a full view of your vocal skills, marking red and yellow the notes that you need to improve.

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